The Whores' Whisperer (heiligennacht) wrote in sc0rnpvp,
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WTB another 12k Thrallmar rep. PST
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I do! I can't look at the forum at work, but could you discuss with Roy, please?

Also, I wanted to thank you guys for letting me into Kara last night on Mamabone. I didn't realize how LONG it could go (I fell asleep at the keyboard) but it was seriously the best time I'd ever had on WOW and I didn't even hold the group back. Can you believe it? Mama didn't screw up! Who knew?

We only get to play again tonight before we go on vacation, but I'm hopeful to maybe perhaps get into the raid since we won't be taking any spots for the rest of the week. I've totally read up on the Huntsman fight and the Opera events. I can't tell you how much reading the start helps me. I don't learn very well by doing, but need to read to understand what I'm doing from a theoretical perspective. So I've done all the strat reading on the whole dungeon, except for the Prince fight, so I'm feeling froggy and very well prepared.

PS: For future runs, I'm starting the instance with a bit of caffeine though so I can "man up" as Nick said!