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Posted to the forum today. What do you think?

Since the coming out of BC there have been innumerable changes in the guild. From our initial split with Thorsen we've grown into a large but somewhat fragmented group. It's now time to change that. We've been slowly transitioning from what was an almost solely PvP focus to a balanced one to one based more on raids. If we want a future, as a respected guild, we need to move along in this direction. This post is aimed at helping that happen.

I see this as a good thing. It shows growth in our membership and our abilities to work together as a guild. But. And there's always a but isn't there? We've become stagnant. We're not really progressing as we ought to be, and that is leading to a loss of members. Mostly healers and tanks. They hang about and get a bit of loot from Karazhan then move on. Now I now this happens to a lot of guilds but we need to look more at retention. And in order to retain people we need to be progressing. Hence our attempt in The Eye on Voidreaver last Saturday.

Several things need to occur. They need to occur now. Later will be too late.

1. We need a commitment from a core of 25+ people, including the requisite numbers of tanks and healers, to actually progress through the content.

2. This means committing to set raid times.

3. It means showing up at the entrance - not begging for a summon five minutes before the raid is due to start. It means coming prepared with potions, elixirs, soul shards, water, food, bandages and anything else you might need.

4. It means that when we say a raid starts at 6:30 server time, you are ready and waiting before then so the first pull can be done at 6:30.

5. It means that, in case of an emergency whereby you can't take your assigned place, you call someone ahead of time and let them know. Calling your mate down the road who doesn't play isn't going to cut it. The officers all have phones.

6. It means doing some research about new raids and bosses. This means you don't go in unprepared. is your friend.

7. It means realising that you're going to permanently forfeit your spot if you cannot be consistent. I understand that everyone has lives. That's fair enough. I'm not asking for a seven-day per week commitment. At this stage just three days. And it isn't like it's all day.

8. It means visiting and using these forums. Seriously. We can only put so much in a guild message. We can put a lot more here.

9. It means that our crafters are at your disposal. Helping a guildie and a raidmate is helping yourself. It means giving away goods to fellow guildmates where needed. It will benefit you in the long term. Besides - it's good kharma right?

If you wish to be part of this group please let me know here. Saying you want to in guild chat is not acceptable. Please add your class and raid build to your comment.

Now a quick FAQ

Does this mean the end of scÖrn PvP on Destromath?

No. Of course it doesn't. Individual and group PvP will always be a part of what we do. Further to that, if raiding is not your thing you're under no obligation to join the raid groups.

Why the hell should I give away itemX, it sells for 349857395gold?

You don't have to. But bear in mind that doing so starts a chain of giving and receiving. Sure you can sell it for that amount in the AH. But doing so may well hamper our efforts. A lot of our players already give things away free to guildies. And remember - we take note of generosity. Those who give shall also receive.

I don't want to run raidX, there's nothing there for me

Maybe not, but in order to progress we need everyone used to working together. Besides, you'll be help to gear up other people - and that works in your favour as well.

What about Gruuls/Mags? Why are we heading straight at TK/SSC?

We haven't forgotten them. But we;re also aware that we are capable of running at least some of TK and SSC. The rewards for doing so are substantially greater as well. It'll pay off.

Right, enough said for now. If you want in on this future then please post here with your name, class and spec.

Karazhan will continue to be run during the week. We are now looking at The Eye as well. Probably starting with Void Reaver and Alar on Saturdays at 1:00pm server time. Please allow enough time to get these done.
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